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Victor Borge Tribute Show

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Danish born Victor Borge who died in December 2000, just prior to his 92nd birthday, was one of the worlds oldest comedians still conducting live performances.

Victor was an accomplished concert pianist who took his knowledge of the keyboard and music and coupled this with his knowledge of the funny-bone, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats with his improvisational style, calm control and his wonderful sense of humour.

In Victors' own words:

"To people who take music seriously, I'm a musician.

To people who don't take music seriously, I'm a comedian.

To people who don't take anything seriously, I'm a clown."

Ivan Richardson presents a sensational tribute to the World's Greatest Musical Comedian, giving today’s audiences a unique opportunity to experience many of the much loved comic routines of the incomparable, Victor Borge.








Australian musician vocalist and entertainer - Ivan Richardson