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Buster Keaton

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Born in the United States of America on October 4 1895, Buster made his stage debut at just 3 years of age. His parents were vaudeville stars and whilst performing on stage his mother would make regular trips backstage to check that young Buster wasnít getting up to any mischief.

But one fateful night she was too late, as Buster had stumbled onto the stage and was miming and imitating
everything they were doing. He was a great hit and was immediately made a permanent part of the family troupe.
He made his film debut in 1917, when he was asked to play a minor role in a film.

Keaton became so fascinated with the possibility of films that he left his high-paying vaudeville head-liner job to take on the lower-paid role of film actor.

He was to become one of the most visionary producers and directors of all time, a stunt man who knows no equal and an actor whose soulful, melancholic, indestructibility was only to be rivalled by Chaplinís heartfelt and inventive tramp.








Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton


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