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Colleen Moore

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Born Kathleen Morrison in August 1900, Colleen Moore scaled the heights of popularity with a combination of talent, a unique personality and the “girl next door" look with a touch of glamour. At the peak of her career, she commanded a salary of a million dollars a year.

Millions of fans copied her “Dutch-boy bob” hair cut and her vivacious manner as she became known as the “First Jazz Baby of the Screen”.

Colleen’s movie “Flaming Youth”, which was released in 1923 appeared to mark the beginning of the "Roaring Twenties”.

Two people would be credited for lighting the fuse that sent the decade into orbit -Colleen, the Jazz Baby and author F. Scott Fitzgerald, the voice of the reckless and disillusioned youth. He proclaimed, "I was the spark that lit up 'Flaming Youth' and Colleen Moore was the torch.”



Colleen Moore

Colleen Moore



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