Ivan Richardson - Entertainer Extraordinaire



The Versatility and Panache of Ivan Richardson

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Born in Brisbane, Australia, and now residing in Rockhampton, Australia, Ivan received his first music lessons at the age of 9, not out of a love music, but through necessity to find a physical activity that would re-develop the coordination of his four limbs, after sustaining severe injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Ivan fully recovered, and music became his passion.

Ivan has performed extensively on all keyboard instruments. His reputation as a virtuoso on electronic keyboard instruments is widely recognised both Nationally and Internationally.
He is also an accomplished vocalist and comedian.

The Ivan Richardson package is indeed an exciting one. A gifted comedian, and an extraordinary musician, Ivan's charm and magnetism have made him popular with audiences of all ages ... and his performance will leave you with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.






Australian musician vocalist and entertainer - Ivan Richardson